On our front lawns are 2 large purpose built BBQs together with serving tools. Please feel free to light up and use them at any time. There are also smaller BBQs in the log store which can be taken around the grounds or into your garden. Perhaps most impressive is our seats 15 indoor BBQ. Toasty and warm . Light up and enjoy all weather BBQs in any season with room for 2 or more families to share.

  BBQ hut in the evening at Coombe Mill Farm Holidays     Cooking in the indoor BBQ hut at Coombe Mill   Inside the Combe Mill BBQ Hut    Outdoor BBQs at Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays


Grocery Deliveries

Free delivery of your shopping on arrival from our local St Breward Stores. Order before hand and pay during your stay.  Alternatively you can order online from any of the major supermarkets, but please make sure you are around to meet them as unlike the village shop your groceries need signing for and they won't allow us to do this on your behalf. 

Grocery Delivery


Our orchard is developing nicely and free for you to amble through and collect the fruits of our labour!

Apples in the Orchard at Coombe Mill     Apple Tree in the Orchard at Coombe Mill

Home Cooked Meals

As often as is possible fresh home-cooked meals are stocked in the freezer in reception. We try to ensure there's something for everyone within our Scrumptious Savouries and Delicious Desserts range.

Check out What's Cooking on the blog for what might be in the freezer.

Christmas Bread and butter Pudding from the Coombe Mill Cuisine Range     Christmas Bread and butter Pudding from the Coombe Mill Cuisine Range

Farm Eggs

Join our morning tractor and trailer rides to feed the animals and take a farm egg home with you for breakfast. 

Fresh Farm Eggs from Coombe Mill

Fresh Spring Water

The water coming through the taps in your property is all fresh mountain water from the Coombe hills. We are not on mains water but instead have our own water treatment plant on site and the mountain water goes from here straight to your tap. No need to bring bottled water, though you may want some empties to take ours home! 

Fresh Spring Water

Eating out

Look under our Family Days Out section for details of some excellent local pubs just minutes from Coombe Mill. We can always arrange babysitting if you fancy an adults only evening.