Pip Ahoy: Welcome to Salty Cove

January 25, 2016 at 8:00 PMCoombeMill

The popular channel 5 Milkshake series Pip Ahoy as produced by CHF Entertainment has now come out on DVD and Digital download with volume 1.

Meet Pip, a happy-go-lucky young pup and his best friend Alba the kitten who have a series of adventures in the colourful and enchanting seaside resort of Salty Cove.


 Win Pip Ahoy; Welcome to Salty Cove



Pip Ahoy! Brings over two hours of fun and laughter for little ones with a combination of the extraordinary and the familiar. Pip Ahoy boasts a star studded line up with the hilarious Only Fools and Horses Star Sir David Jason as the voice of Pip’s caring uncle, Skipper, and singer and reality TV star Stacey Solomon who recorded the theme song and is the voice of the pink flamingo, Fuchsia.


Salty Cove boasts everything a good old fashioned seaside resort should have – a sandy beach with little coves and pools to visit, along with welcoming beach huts and a sunny promenade.


Beach fun


The folk that live in this idyllic place are as motley a crew as you could imagine. Residents include Pasty, the acquisitive crab with a collection of bric-a-brac, Hopper, the one legged seagull, Madame Éclair, a French poodle of high-breeding, Mrs. Twitcher, a keen birdwatcher, a colony of well-spoken puffins and seagulls - Kevin, Cyril and Percy - who make mischief. A quintet of singing limpets, the Squiblets, pop up from time to time and beneath the waves resides a multi-limbed musician; the renowned Rocktopus.


Scenes from the case


Volume 1 has a whooping 13 episodes to enjoy. Watch Pip and Alba as they help the famous drummer Rocktopus who lands himself in a spot of bother and see who finds the treasure at Captain Skipper's lighthouse. All this and much more to entertain you from Salty Cove and all  from the comfort of your living room.


Fact file:



  • The 13 Episodes:
  1. The Mice Pirates.
  2. Fancy That!
  3. Snooze Cruise.
  4. The Mermaid.
  5. Pizza Pirates.
  6. Pasty Flies a Kite.
  7. Stunt Gull Hopper.
  8. Auntie Twicher's Bird Watch.
  9. The Rocktopus.
  10. My turn.
  11. Anybody Seen Alan?
  12. The Wrong Way Train.
  13. Shelvis' New Home
Pip Ahoy
  • Certificate U for General Viewing

  • Run time 2 hours 23 minutes

  • If you are quick you may even have a fun activity poster included in your DVD.
Activity Sheet




Fear not if you order misses the activity sheet you can download these ones below to do time and time again, simply click the picture and print for an A4 sheet.


Back to School Pip Ahoy Printable Winter Colouring Dot to Dot Pip Ahoy Activity Sheet

Win your copy of Pip Ahoy! Welcome to Salty Cove

If you like the sound of the adventures of Salty Cove with Pip Ahoy we have a copy of the DVD to giveaway to two lucky winners. To be in with a chance just follow the instructions below.


Pip Ahoy: Welcome to Salty Cove



I was sent my copy of the DVD to create this review and to keep in our borrow room for Coombe Mill guests to enjoy on holiday with us after a fun day exploring the Cornish coves and beaches.   

Our New Adventure Play Barn

January 24, 2016 at 8:00 PMCoombeMill

This was a project that became a bit of a square peg in a round hole and had us working day and night for the end result.


Our New Adventure Play Barn

We had spent months trying to find a good option to replace our tired looking play equipment. It had served us well for many years but was beginning to rot underneath and fall apart and we knew it needed attention. Having failed to attract any of the big companies to quote on our little barn Nick had resorted to scouring EBay and came across what looked like the perfect fit for us. I put it up on Facebook to great excitement when we had secured the winning bid and it arrived.

Arrival of the Play Equipment

Since it was still the summer season and we didn't want to ruin anyone's holiday by making the play barn off limits we waited till our autumn close down period. Then it was all hands on deck removing the old soft play which we managed to sell on again via Ebay.


clearing the play barn


Faced with a spacious empty barn Nick decided that damp proofing and lining the floor would be a good move to give insulation for little feet and prevent the new equipment ruining through condensation.  I was impressed with the speed and efficiency with which this stage was completed and new lining laid.


However we were blissfully unaware of the problem we had just created. It was only when we began to construct the frame of the new equipment that the cost of raising the floor a couple of inches became apparent. We jiggled and wriggled but the frame would not fit between the rafters.


Problem with roof height


With only 3 weeks before our Christmas opening the pressure was on, we considered cutting into the rafters and reinforcing them elsewhere but in the end called our builder and agreed to splash out on a whole new roof and raising the height of the walls. This of course meant exposing the new equipment and floor to the December weather, never before had an accurate weather forecast been so important. We waited a week for our clear day of dry and went for it.

Re-Roofing Play Barn

With just one rain shower and a much better quality roof we were back on track, if down a couple of thousand pounds down on the project!

From here it was like a giant jigsaw trying to fit pieces together and we were very grateful of our growing lads to help maneuver the weighty frame. Once the frame was complete the kids played around with the floor pieces and accessories to slot everything into place and Nick spent hours with some Duck Tape Colours cleverly protecting ripped fabric joins from moving the equipment.


Working as a family to build the play barn


Finally it took days to patiently thread the protective netting securely into place before I gave the whole room a thorough clean. The finished result was one we were all proud of just one day before our Christmas opening!


New Soft Play


It wasn't long before little feet were enjoying our hard work. With the wettest Christmas and New Year weather I can remember it was much appreciated by all our guests and worth all the hard work.


New Play Barn in Use


We have added a table and chairs but I am still keen to add some shoe boxes and possibly a baby play pen so that tiny tots can be safe while their older siblings leap around.  If you have any other ideas for the space at the front please let me know.


On and off the farm  

January 23, 2016 at 7:50 PMCoombeMill

It's been a mixed week of weather here on the farm. Our poor pigs had another soaking as water flooded pig sty after a night of heavy rain. Sadly we missed out on all the snow excitement up country and much to my kids disappointment our sledge is still looking dusty in Nick's Farm shed. However we did enjoy a few beautiful chilly days where taking a scenic photo is a must.   

Our lakes make a stunning photo whatever the season. The rich blue of the sky and reflections on the water of our main carp lake was one of my favourite captured photos this week



Reflections from the #lake at #Coombemill

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


I do like the sunset at the end of the day and this one from the top of our road looking out towards the coast has some gorgeous colours coming though



Late afternoon looking out to the #coast from #bodminmoor #landscapephotography #Cornwall #nature #countryside

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


Nick and I managed a 2 night mid week break leaving Farmer Amber with our children. It was a last minute decision with a little window in the dairy and I couldn't believe how lucky we were to have picked the best days of the week with the chilly air and wall to wall sunshine.



We certainly picked the best days of the week for a #datebreak cold but so sunny and clear #ukholiday #torquay #devon

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


What a pair of oldies we look but it was lovely to be able to spend some quality time together and know the farm and kids were all safe back home. 


Found a lovely lookout point #torquay #datebreak

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


Coming home it always makes me smile to the Coombe Mill signs from the road directing us in. It even looks like the council have given them a clean while we were away.




I think #Cornwall council have been out cleaning the village signs. Ours is sparkling in the #winter #sun

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


Lovely as it was to go away, coming home to our beautiful farm is always a pleasure.



Just a day on the farm #beautiful #Cornwall #countryside #scenic

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


Country Kids from Coombe Mill

January 22, 2016 at 11:40 PMCoombeMill

Fire and Fireworks

With fireworks planned for our New Year party and a beautiful fire station activity book from Parragon waiting to be opened a fire themed activity hour began to take shape.


Fire and Fireworks activity Hour


While everyone arrived we began to construct our fire station and engine before showing the children the Coombe Mill fire engine Farmer Nick had kindly driven over for us. We talked about fire safety and how our fire engine is used to pump out the hot tub in Tree Roots Cottage at the end of the week and cleanout the pig sty, I'm pleased to say it hasn't ever been needed to put out a fire here but with the nearest reserve team a good 20 minutes drive away I'm rather pleased we have our own resources in an emergency.

Fire Engine


The children then set about some firework crafts making a rocket from some green and red painted toilet rolls I had left over from our Christmas crafts.

Making the Rockets

Next we made firework pictures with wax crayons and brushed over watered down black paint to create the effect of fireworks popping out of the night sky.

Firework painting

All the time I had one eye on the weather which was due to take a turn for the worst, the first drops of rain accompanied us as we headed over to the den building zone and Guy showed everyone how to make a campfire safely within a DIY fire pit. In minutes it was burning brightly and we even had to move the seats back as the wind took hold before toasting our marshmallows on skewers.


Beside the bonfire


I had a bucket of sticks ready and invited the children to take one each back to the tent. Here we took our time making Catherine wheels while the wind and rain lashed down on the tent roof.


Making pinwheels

There was no chance of running the train but at least we managed our real fire before the heavens opened.  


Joining in with Country Kids

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A few of my favourites from last week:

All my favourites this week have a common theme, they are all family outings making the most of nature, enjoying the fresh air and making memories at little cost:

Catching the magic explored a beautiful beach in New Zealand, gorgeous photos from their mid summer visit  

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Mummy Travels discovered the fun of the Stick Man Trail at Wendover Woods


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I am delighted to announce that Muddy Puddles have joined with Coombe Mill to sponsor the Country Kids link up. My favourites each week will be considered for a pair of Muddy Puddles Wellies at the end of the month; the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather throws your way.  If you are not already familiar with this wonderful outdoor children's range please do take a look at their website where they have everything needed for year round country kids. The wellies we offer may change each month but are always high quality, comfy and stylish so keep an eye out here on Country Kids to see which designs are up each month. For more more information on the Muddy Puddles wellies on offer with us and terms and conditions to win see here  


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



In search of sleep.

January 18, 2016 at 10:00 PMCoombeMill


Babies and children are individuals with their own strength of will and little characters that begin to develop so early in life. With 6 children myself including triplets I never cease to be amazed at how different they all are. When it comes to sleep some are early to bed and early to rise by nature like their Dad and others take after me as night owls who struggle to sleep and struggle to rise. However from 6 months they all slept through the night. With my first I used a form of controlled crying ahead of returning to a demanding job, it worked within a week and I wondered why I hadn't tried it earlier, when my second and third came I was quite prepared to do the same again but never needed to as they slept through with ease. Having triplets was a whole different matter where finding a one size fits all feeding routine was the key and I confess too many sleepless nights getting there.

 Sleeping kids

I don't know about you but if I have a bad night that makes me grouchy the following day with those nearest and dearest to me. I snap when I shouldn't, shout when it isn't really necessary, blow things out of proportion and my sense of humour fails me.  Put several poor nights together and the situation intensifies, if you have a poor sleeper for a child I'm sure you relate to these emotions.


Tired Mum

If you feel it is time to tackle the problem but don't know which is the right option for you then help is at hand.

Millpond Children's Clinic

Millpond was founded by health professionals Mandy Gurney and Tracey Marshall who have been offering sleep training since 2007 and even been consultants to the NHS Trusts. The clinic has a 97% success rate in resolving children's sleep problems with good results in 2 - 3 weeks which sounds pretty good to me.

Teach your child to Sleep for under £10!

Teach your child to sleep

Octopus Publishing Group is delighted to announce the publication this month of the latest edition of Teach Your Child to Sleep by the Millpond Sleep Clinic. All the techniques recommended in this book have been tried and tested at Millpond. The book aims to prove that seemingly complex sleep problems can actually have simple solutions and guides readers across all elements of sleep, from how to encourage good sleeping habits to identifying and tackling sleep problems. After the nature of the problem has been isolated, there is a small but well-defined selection of techniques with which to confront it.


What's in the book

I particularly liked the clarity with which the book is set out and the flow diagrams used to navigate the reader though the different possible causes of sleeplessness. The book has an air of authority and a scientific feel about it and yet is easy to understand and navigate with clear headings.   I wish it had been around 17 years ago when I was struggling with my first child.

Win your copy of Teach your child to Sleep

Win a Copy of Teach your Child to sleep

If you would like a copy of this great guide for a child of yours or a friend or family member you know is struggling then Octopus Publishing are offering a copy of the book to 3 lucky Coombe Mill Blog readers. To be in with a chance of winning a copy simply follow the instructions below.


Win 1 of 3 Teach your Child to Sleep books from Millpond Children's Sleep Clinic



I was given my copy of Teach your Child to Sleep for the purpose of this review all views and opinions are my own.

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