Storm Imogen

February 13, 2016 at 8:10 PMCoombeMill


This was the week that storm Imogen caused havoc all over North Cornwall.  Our river raged through the farm churning up mud from the sides and only just stopped short of flooding over the bridge. This was followed by tremendous winds which ripped apart two of our animal shelters and left 5000 houses, including Coombe Mill, without power. Thank goodness none of the animals were hurt and our cosy wood burner came into its own as a form of heating and light after dark. I'm so pleased it all happened while we were still closed. Please no more storms, we are now full for half term and not planning on taking our guests back into the dark ages with another power cut!

I finished the week at the small Business Sunday (#sbs) conference in Birmingham where there was no mistaking who I was!


Watching the river creep perilously close to the road bridge at Coombe Mill


One muddy #river racing downstream we are on amber weather warning. #weatherwatch

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We lost all our power for 12 hours, I climbed up the valley in search of mobile signal to call in the emails just as the sun came out to taunt me.   


Standing up the valley to call the emails in after a day where #stormimogen has left us with no power #countryliving

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At least we had a cosy log burner to light in the living room for heat and light as darkness fell.


Power cuts have their  plus side!

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Making a statement at the Theo Paphitis #SBS event in Birmingham thanks to Bags of Love.

Theo Paphitis SBS Event with the Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays dress 


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Country Kids from Coombe Mill

February 12, 2016 at 11:50 PMCoombeMill

A Family Day on the Farm 

Every morning here at Coombe Mill we have animal feeding. It is the highlight of many who stay with us and I am grateful to all the bloggers over the years who have posted about enjoying this part of their stay. When we are closed in mid winter the animals still need feeding but most days it is either Farmer Nick or Amber who drives round on their own. My own children have become quite blasé about something they have grown up with and rarely join in, but every so often when we are closed we announce we are having a 'family feed run' and toss the teens out of bed to come and help. To be fair this usually goes down like a lead balloon but bribed with a good fry up afterwards they can be coaxed out and as always, once out, the "teenism" fades and enjoyment sets in.  


A Family Day on the Farm


Before long they were interacting with the animals and happily taking charge of feeding the grain and filling hay feeders whilst reminiscing over tales of Rocky and Sprout following them all round the farm as kid goats.


Feeding the Pigs, Donkeys, Goats and Sheep


In with the chickens they searched for eggs to take back for our fry up breakfast and delighted in how close they came to the wallabies.


Chickens and Wallabies


Perhaps the highlight was the deer field. We have some new deer down from London (full post to follow on this one) but they are exceptionally friendly and the boys were staggered when they came and ate from their hand, reminding them of when we visited Knole House in Sussex last summer.  

 Feeding the deer

Nick was keen to have a check of the outer fencing after yet another storm the previous night so we all accompanied him. By this stage "teenism" was on hold and I stood back and watched as the boys climbed trees and jumped down without a care in the world.   


Jed Tree Jumping


I relish times like this now, when they play together in nature inspired by their own imagination and challenge each other to more and more daring maneuvers and jumps. Once this was everyday play for them, I'm so pleased they have enjoyed their time growing up here and that every now and then can still indulge in a little childish fun.


Climbing Trees in the deer field


They were of course rewarded with their fry up breakfast!


Breakfast after the Feed Run


Despite showers Guy then decided to have a spin in HMS Bath Tub and with a little help from Nick launching and mooring had a wonderful time cruising round our top lake. they have decided that oars are really sufficient on the lake and that the next challenge for the boat and outboardis to take it along the estuary from Wadebrige to Padsowin the summer. Watch this space!

Guy in HMS Bathtub

The older boys were tasked with smashing the beams out of the riverside lodges in a continuing attempt to create a games room for half term. From across the lake I spied them having a childish sword fight with the beams they had removed and I smiled inwardly at how much they enjoy each other's company and can still turn tasks in to games.


Older Boys having a sword Fight



Joining in with Country Kids

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A few of my favourites in with a chance of the February Rockfish Boots:

Cracked Nails and Split Ends enjoyed a wonderful beach walk to watch the seals some up to breed. 

Smiles and Trials managed tree climbing and a beach playground all in one country walk 

a Sylvanian trail kept the girls busy for Would like to be

Over 40 Mum to One enjoyed a winter's day at a favourite family haunt

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall



Maya the Bee goes on an Adventure

February 8, 2016 at 8:50 PMCoombeMill

Tiny Pop's popular production of Maya the Bee is coming out on DVD and digital download from 8th February 2016, just in time for half term.

Maya the Bee on DVD

The storyline

Maya, is a busy little bee, ready to leave her hive and live in the meadow. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive. But soon Maya realises that a bigger challenge beckons and that together with her friend Willy, she must return and save their hive from the greedy queen’s adviser and end the long-term hostility between bees and hornets. Join Maya and her friends, as they set off on their “un-bee-lievable” adventures.


Maya and Friends in the Meadow


Maya the Bee is a lovely child friendly way to discover the insect world in a series of fun adventures that take a little of the fear away from creepy crawlies and being stung by a bee. When children are cautious rather than afraid they are less likely to panic and less likely to be stung. Here at Coombe Mill we have a thriving bug home the children staying are encouraged to visit and we enjoy bug themed activity hour sessions and seeing the wildlife in our meadows. We have set up snail races and built snail homes. 


Kids hunting for Bugs


Why not give Maya the Bee a chance and bring their meadow adventures into your home.


 Maya the Bee DVD

Film Facts

Certificate U

Irish Film Classification G

Run time approx 88 minutes

In association with Friends of the Honey Bee.


The film was produced by Studio 100 Media and Buzz Studios, and is distributed in the UK by Enchanted Animation. Directed by Alexs Stadermann the DVD features some big names in the voice over's including Coco Jack Gillies (Mad Max: Fury Road), Kodi Smit-McPhee (The Road, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Jacki Weaver, (Silver Lining Playbooks, Animal Kingdom), Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) and Richard Roxburgh (Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing, Mission Impossible 2). 

Win a Maya the Bee Toy Bundle

We have 3 bundles of Maya the Bee soft toys to giveaway.

Maya the Bee cuddly toys

To be in with a chance of winning these adorable soft toys in association with the new DVD launch just follow the instructions below. Good luck to all taking part.

Win 1 of 3 Maya the Bee Plush Toy Bundles


We were sent our copy of the DVD to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Family FeverMamaMummyMum

Our Gate Eating Donkeys

February 7, 2016 at 8:30 PMCoombeMill


Over the Christmas holidays we noticed that a few of the fence posts in the donkey field were looking nibbled, this is not something we have ever suffered from before but Farmer Nick was curious enough to take a good look around their field. Half way up he spotted one internal gate completely chewed away and another barely holding together. It appears our donkeys have a new passion in life and it isn't our delicious orchard apples, the fine hay, maize or lush grass they have in ample supply!


Gate Eating Donkeys


It was time for drastic measures, with the first dry day in weeks we were keen to complete so many farm jobs that we had been holding off due to the weather, but suddenly moving the donkeys became a priority before they escaped completely to free range on the estate.


Nick by the Chewed Gate


It was the poor old goats who had to sacrifice their field. They had only enjoyed their favourite winter field, together with Billy Goat Gruff,  for a couple of weeks before they had to move back out again in favour of the donkeys. The goat field happened to be the only one with fence posts on the outside of the fencing and the gates made of steel.

Putting up a partition

Just that morning we had moved Sprout, our hand raised goat from the chickens in with the other goats, she was first out for the second move of the day, bless her I think she thought she was returning to her friends, the chickens, where she ruled the roost!


Moving Sprout

As goats have a clear hierarchy of social acceptance Nick put a divide up as he was worried Sprout might be rejected by the other goats and not allowed into the shelter, this way we hoped she could stay dry without upsetting those who think they are in charge. Sprout and Rocky, our two hand raised goats were with Nick and the boys the whole time this was going on taking first nibbles on the new straw bedding.


Kids feeding the Goats

With the goats safely moved it was time to turn our attention to the Donkeys who were full of carrot and apple from the guests that morning


Donkey feeding

A video posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on

I wasn't at all sure they would be interested in us after all their morning treats but they happily followed guy and Nick down the field in single file. From here it was head collars on and a short walk into their new nibble proof field where we gave them a quick brush up before letting them free.


Walking the Donkeys


Curious about this new found behaviour I Googled it to find that we are not the only ones having stables, fences and decks chewed. Amongst all the advise and theories the most common reason was boredom, I have to say in the vast field they have with trees and deer and sheep for neighbours it is hard to imagine they could be bored. Then it dawned on me, we had been closed for 6 weeks and they  must have missed the daily fuss being made of them by our holiday guests, suddenly the boredom theory had credence. They enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday and we are now taking time to give them a stroke, make a fuss of them and groom them with my super new Slip Not Bentley kit whenever I can until we open again at February half term.


Grooming the Donkeys

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From the Farm

February 6, 2016 at 8:50 PMCoombeMill


It has been a busy week for us here on the farm, we have been undertaking many of the rather dull spring cleaning and DIY duties of a holiday business. It is the less than glamourous side of life that goes unnoticed here by our guests, until is isn't done!

The kids have been busy at school this week, our eldest took his Mock A levels while a scattergun of results from A* through to E came home for Felix on his GCSE mock's and we have whittled down year 9 options for Theo. Guy and Jed have taken up Rugby in the local town which they love and seem quite good at, now I just need to work out how I juggle the business and yet another activity for the kids at the start of the season here. Yet I only need to look up, or out from what I am doing and all around me the peace of the farm fills my heart with joy.


 A first Rugby session at Wadebridge Camels Rugby Club and the boys are hooked, my washing machine is already complaining!  

Rugby with Wadebridge Camels for Coombe Mill Kids


Looking out from the side of Willow as Nick finishes a week long task of pointing the wall.



Morning sun rising over the river. 


Morning #Sun streaming down on the #river

A photo posted by Coombe Mill (@coombemill) on


The lake as the ducks swim by in the hope I have some bread for them.  


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