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1. Place a Free Advert with Coombe Mill

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If you have a web site or blog which offers helpful products or advise for parents of young children then please come and share with us.  There is no charge to advertise here, I just ask that you stick to relevant adverts under the categories below. If I feel your advert is not helpful to our holiday guests & blog readership then it will be removed. Please grab the Coombe Mill badge for your site in return by copying and pasting the HTML code below. Please ask if have any difficulty with this. 

Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Enjoy learning about all things child, parent and holiday related from this page.

1.1 Parent Bloggers

Blogs in here from Mums and Dads sharing their parenting journey on all aspects of child development.

1.2 For Kids & Parents

Businesses selling products for children can be found here including educational, safe and helpful toys, products and services that make light of parenting.

1.3 For Holidays

Discover helpful solutions to holiday travel with children and information on local Cornish businesses from shops and restaurants to family days out. 


I have a Feature spot “Liked by Coombe Mill” on my blog sidebar and will periodically feature my favourite products or services here.

 Coombe Mill Liked by Star

2. Buy an Advert with Coombe Mill

About This Advert

Brands and products that are aligned to Coombe Mill Holidays and wanting to feature more prominently on my blog can do so in the following ways:

  1. Feature on my side bar for £25 a month with a 150 x 150 advert linking to your website & promoted by me through my social media channels
  2. Buy a “Liked by Coombe Mill” slot promoted on my social media channels for £50 a month. This requires me to have tested and agreed the product I am endorsing, any product I receive and do not feel earns my “liked by” status will not be featured and not be charged.


3. Reviews, Competitions, Giveaways and Guest Posts with Coombe Mill

About This Advert

This section is for brands wishing to feature their products as a blog post with Coombe Mill. All blog posts created will be shared across Coombe Mill social media channels

  1. If you would like me to review a product and create a blog post giving my honest opinion on your product I charge £50 to do so plus the product to test. 
  2. If you would like to host a competition or giveaway for your product from my blog I charge £50. I would need to receive a product myself to review, photos and and a post will be created from here with links to your website. At the end of the review a chance to win will be established with competition or giveaway conditions to promote your website and social media following. This is a great opportunity to increase traffic to your site. You would be responsible for ensuring any named winner/s receive their prize/s. Products valued at over £50 in a giveaway are exempt from the £50 administrative charge.
  3. If you would like to write a guest post or would like me to write an article on my blog with a link/s to your company I charge £100. All links would be no follow in line with Goggle requirements. Photos welcome as part of this. I will only do this for family friendly brands aligned to Coombe Mill.

Please see my Reviews, Giveaways and Guest Posts Category for examples of what to expect from these forms of advertising


4. Work in Partnership with Coombe Mill Holidays

About This Advert

Brands who see themselves as non competition but reaching a similar family market to Coombe Mill are invited to contact me about tailored opportunities to work together to the benefit of both businesses.

Contact Fiona Cambouropoulos by phone tel: 01208 850355 or email: [email protected]


Payment & Contact Details


BACS prefered; PayPal +2%


Fiona Cambouropoulos  tel: 01208 850355 or email: [email protected]

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